Wednesday, May 28, 2008

so pity

Hai, see the show of the sichuan i feel sed........Their house has been damage by the earthquake.They have no house to stay,no food to eat,no water to drinkand some even badly injured...I felt very very very sad for them.Luckily i donate some money to them in school.Wish they are safe now and fine.Some students even die,i really felt sad.Ok lets talk other subjects now....K Now is school holiday!I don have to go to school for a period of time!Yipee.But so diffcult to go one day.<<<<sry u won understand.Becayse i gt CHICKEN POXS.I have to stay at home,cannot go out and play.Luckily it is school holidays.Can play computer lo.Even though i am sick,i still can play my favourite game maple is quite boring but i'm ok de...........My character name is minispoon lv 32 going lv up liao.Never mind my CHICKEN POXS are ok now.U dun have to scare bcos once ok it won spread to u...................I wish i can go to taiwan again this december holiday!I promise my fren Elizabeth,sharyn and rachel to buy some stationary for them.My best friend rachel,i will buy more for her...Wish rachel will be my classmate forever and even secondnary school and for the rest of my life

By:yeantyng loyalty 4 bb

Saturday, May 17, 2008


i am happy but not alltime